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Guardian Set-up

New Meta Account Set-up

Device Instructions

1. Hold button on side of headset to power on

2. Hold button on side of headset to bring up power options screen


A. Pressing the power button puts the headset into “sleep” mode

3. Inside lenses have 3 IPD distance settings

A. 58mm

B. 63mm

C. 68mm

4. Batteries

A. Magnetized

B. Lights indicate current charge

C. Batteries don’t charge the headset, they slow the headsets drain rate

5. Chromecast

A. Google Home app is needed to use the chromecast

B. Hold button on the side until light stops blinking to factory reset the device

6. Casting from headset to the chromecast

A. Click on Sharing in Oculus/Meta main menu bar

B. Select "Cast"

C. Select the chromecast that should be listed here

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