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Rental Agreement

Legal Terms and conditions

are required to rent equipment from Bliss VR Society.

(All information is kept confidenti
al and NEVER shared with ANYONE)

We understand accidents happen, however, to ensure the next person who rented the headset gets their opportunity, should any equipment be damaged while the customer has possession of the rented equipment; customer agrees to reimburse Bliss VR Society for any costs associated with repairing/replacing the device/equipment.

Headset – $750

Controllers – $200 each

Bliss VR Society agrees to provide fully functioning and sanitary equipment upon drop-off.

Any pre-existing damage will be noted by both the Bliss VR Society Rep and the customer.

To ensure the equipment is less likely to be damaged and thrown into a wall, controller straps/ties are to be used at all times while operating equipment rented from Bliss VR Society.

Customer agrees to secure all equipment in the provided case while transporting

Customer agrees to use the provided hard shell Meijia case to store the equipment when not in use and transporting.

All virtual Reality equipment is
NOT to be used outside or on concrete floors
Sunlight on the lenses (inside screen area) destroys the screen. The lenses act like magnifying glasses, burning rays into the screen when exposed to sunlight even for 30 seconds.


We understand that VR can sometimes get out of hand, however Bliss VR Society accepts no responsibility for personal injuries.

Customer agrees to use the device and equipment rented by Bliss VR Society in a manner consistent with the manufacture's guidelines.


Bliss VR Society supplies games ranging from the top titles available to the free games with over 50 different experiences.


Customer agrees to treat all online users fairly and equally.

Customer agrees to be respectful of others’ views, and refrain from personal attacks.

Customer agrees to respect legitimate intellectual and physical property rights.


A Bliss VR Society representative will drop off and pick-up all gaming gear.

Bliss VR Society will contact you prior to delivery to confirm times.

Customer must be available at pickup time to avoid an additional rental day charge.

Bliss VR Society offers FREE DELIVERY to the following cities: Abbotsford and Mission

Bliss VR Society offers FREE DELIVERY to the following areas for rentals 1 week or longer: Chilliwack, Deroche, Aldergrove, Langley, Maple ridge


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